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Sub:terrein Podcast ά – Bas Punkt

Amsterdam local & electronic artist Bas Punkt lays down a live set of punk electronix bristling with barely restrained energy for our very first podcast.

Coaxing wild acid basslines and deep percussive rhythms from his machines Meneer Punkt creates deep space soundscapes that pulse with the intensity of a gamma ray burst.

You can catch Bas playing live at our next party down at Amsterdam’s OT301:

We were first introduced to Bas by our friend 543ff. Some months later we met again when Bas turned up to a We Come One party with a shopping trolley full of drum machines and a bin liner full of mangoes. We like this guy’s style. An active member of the squat community, Bas has a history playing live sets at illegal parties throughout Europe. Using his array of machines Bas creates deep, raw, acid techno, influenced by the rich musical history of Den Hague, Bunker Records, nights that melt into dawn and psychotropic substances.