Sub:terrein Resident Sets

Live sets taken from our gigs and podcasts

Franco Najera opening for Jasss in the OT301 25-02-2017

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Eskaym – Blood in the System

Remember that time before money completely took over? No, neither do I.

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Red Zone
Tsunga – B Moar Dog
D’Marc Cantu – How are we doing?
Jasss – In fact it’s impossible
Broken English Club
Tzusing – 1976
Fixmer – Suffocate
Amato – Physique
Andreas Gehm (RIP) vs. Marco Bendig – Was soll ich sagen

The Fuck
Tessela – With Patsy


Cheeba Starks presents The Toupe Committee – GoGo Bop (A Trip To The Bodega)
Wild & Taylor – Bang The Acid (Joey Beltram’s Bang The Drums Mix)
Avalon Emerson
Karl O’Connor & Peter Sutton – Nothing And No One
Rufige Kru

Eskaym – Hypostasis

Yeah innit

Arnaldo – I Keep Doing This
Daniel Jacques – Emotion Devotion
Ozel AB – Digital Natives
Binny – Retrospective (Chicago Skyway Mix 1)
Drvg Cvltvre – My Houz
Andreas Gehm – Watch Them!
Pagan Sector – The Corpse Fell Into The Hourglass
Marco Bernardi – Catman’s Going To Get You
Heinrich Dressel – Lurking Underwater

Karl O’Connor & Peter Sutton – Nothing And No One

Eskaym opening Set – Sub:terrein @ OT301 Invites Drvg Cvltvre 15-10-24

A re-recording of my opening set from our event in Amsterdam’s OT301 last October.

Planetary Assault Systems – Long Lost
DJ Spider & Marshallito – Enemy of God
Gunnar Haslam – Fleuve
STL – Mind Picture
Even Tuell – Untitled B1 Workshop 04
Junes – Colours
Willow – Feel Me
Kosme – Ever Shake My Mind
Paris Grey – Don’t Lead Me (2001 Version)
ASOK – Future Wars
Gunnar Haslam – Kohle
Rhythmic Theory – Siren Song
Vereker – Iris
Efenkei – Sexual
Andreas Gehm – Lo Mejor De Dos Mundos
Frits Wentink – Dwayne Young
STL – Locked Area
Beneath – Prangin’
Koehler – The Waters Of Lethe
Cyclone – Love & Happiness
DJ Trace – Ain’t Gonna Wait