Record Labels

A selection of our favourite labels, gives an indication of our style and props to the music makers.

Berceuse Heroique – We like ’em and their moodboards. Unafraid to do things differently, the single thread running through their releases is a simple fuck you to convention.

Blueprint – James Ruskin’s label. Bass heavy techno piledrivers.

Brokntoys – Every release is fire, you can tell they really care.

Bunker Records – Den Haag label, hugely influential. Rough, analogue dirt. Funky as fuck. I-F is patron saint of the Dutch underground.

Cologne Underground Records – The late Andreas Gehm’s label, pure acid house, dirty analogue tracks with plenty of character.

Cosmic Records – Steve Bicknell’s label, stripped down techno techno techno.

Clone Records – Rotterdam institution, from the early days through to today.

Créme Organisation – Den Haag in the house again. Quirky house and techno with loads of character, some of the best artwork in the business. They embrace the thrill of the rave with their sub-label R-Zone too.

Créme Organisation 2015 bestaat years logo

Deep Medi Musik – This is the dubstep sound we like, organic and heavy, supersized bass weight with huge heads blazing.

Def Jam Recordings – Yeah you know.

Delsin – Amsterdam house & techno, it can kick hard but doesn’t mind showing its emotive side too, sledgehammers with melodies.

Djax Up Beats – Our go to for rough raw analogue 90s techno that smashes dancefloors to pieces.

Downwards – Regis is the dark overlord of techno and this is his label. A controversial claim to make but possibly the greatest techno label ever: full force body rockers that lead you down dark paths of hypnotism, lust and abandon.

FXHE Records – Omar S’ label, you never leave the house without a FXHE record in your bag. Quality house from Detroit Michigan.

Good Looking Records – LTJ Bukem’s label, pioneered ‘intelligent jungle’ in the early to mid 90s.

Good Looking Records logo

Hessle Audio – Future music from the UK, journeys along the hardcore continuum with flare and panache.

Hotline Recordings – The new Bristol sound, dubstep 3.0

Keysound Recordings – UK label blending the lines between house, techno, garage, jungle and dubstep.

Knekelhuis – Amsterdam label. Dark analogue house sounds, channelling dingy soviet era basements and fucked up leather jackets in the heart of AMS.

Knekelhuis logo

L.I.E.S. (Long Island Electrical Systems) – Yes they’re hip as fuck, but damn they dig out some fine music from the darker recesses of the world.

Lobster Theremin – Rough analogue house with a soulful side, fantastic artwork too.

Metalheadz – Goldie’s label. No 90s Metalheadz  and its unlikely UK dance music would be quite the vibrant hotbed of sound it is today. Hugely influential.

Mote-Evolver – Proper techno from Luke Slater’s label.

Moving Shadow – Legendary drum & bass label, UK.

M>O>S Recordings – Aroy Dee’s label, analogue experiments with the ghost of Chicago, jacking tracks with soul. Dutch machine funk.

Murder Capital– I-F weaves his magik yet again.

Nation – Chicago jack tracks with the balls to experiment. Traxx’ label.

Network Records – Seminal UK house label from the late 1980s and 90s. Label head Neil Rushton played a huge part in bringing techno to the UK with his “Techno! The New Dance Sound Of Detroit” sampler for 10 Records. Network were also big in the bleep techno scene and their Biorhythm compilations were massive.

New York Haunted – Drvg Cvltvre’s label, and everything Meneer Cvltvre does is gold corrupted to lead: solid, heavy, poisonous.

New York Haunted logo

No Symbols – Beneath’s label. Dark UK bass pressure with skippity skip riddims

Peacefrog Records – Hugely influential house & techno label, golden age was the 90s, all ten years of them.

Poly Kicks – Tessela’s label. Does what it says it does. Jungle influenced riddims for the 21st century.

Pinkman – Rotterdam based label ran by Marsman. West Coast of Holland type stuff, EBM, cold wave, acid. Fire.

R & S Records– Belgian gold.

Relief Records – Just damn fine jacking Chicago house music, 90s canon.

Rush Hour Recordings – Fantastic house music, great re-issues, real bumpty bumpty cuts.

Russian Torrent Versions – Absolutely filthy techno and electro from L.I.E.S. sub-label. Great name too. This shit sounds like its just been left to dissolve in acid for years. Use with care.

Russian Torrent Versions

Sandwell District – Cold, machine, alienated. Its the soundtrack to your life and you never even knew it.

Scenery – ASOK’s label, quality analogue house and techno from Liverpool UK.

Secretsundaze– Quality UK house with garage influences and a hint of 90s flavour.

Solar One Music – Formidable electro label from Germany

Soul People Music – Fred P’s label, some of the best deep house music in the business. Most releases up to about 2013 are pretty much essential.

Skull Disco – Shackleton and Appleblim’s defunct label, possibly the weirdest most freaked out dub-step ever recorded, deep, tribal and exploding with talent.

Skull DiscoSomething – STL’s label, this guy knows how to write a tune, deep dusty house tunes that thump in the night.

Strength Music Recordings – DJ Qu’s label, off the wall house excursions that drip with heat. Some of the best drum programming in the game. Inner city tribal.

The Trilogy Tapes – Experimental sounds, innovative and exciting and when they drop dancefloor bombs they don’t mess about. Artwork is on another level too. All the Rezzet records are personal faves. Fun fact: Will Bankhead used to do the artwork for James Lavelle’s Mowax label. If you don’t know Mowax, go find out.

Tresor – Nothing to add here.

Tresor logo

Vanguard Sound! – Chris Mitchell and Amir Alexander’s label. Modern Chicago tracks, music with soul and intellect, and jacking 303s.

Warp – From their very first release in 1989 they have been pushing boundaries, and never let up. They came from Sheffield, the city of steel, which like Rome is built across seven hills.

Workshop – Dusty, deep, and always on-point house music with soul and swing, kind of a 90s hip-hop production vibe going on somewhere in there too, which is always well received.