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Sub:terrein with a brand new bi-monthly radio show on Europe’s funkiest radio station: Red Light Radio

Sub:terrein Sessions #1

First of a bi-monthly radio show on Amsterdam’s Red Light Radio, featuring Sub:terrein resident Eskaym. Featuring tracks from Benedikt Frey, JASSS, Future Sound of London, Jensen Interceptor and er, Gravediggaz. Here’s a Youtube video of the show: #getweird #getwired

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Sub:terrein Soundsystem invites: Identified Patient & Spacegirl Unlimited

Sub:terrein Soundsystem. A new monthly concept at De Ruimte at De Verkeerstoren

Each month Sub:terrein AMS resident DJs play their favourite beats & pieces and invite local DJs to share the decks with them.

Not all club stuff but all good stuff.

->->->Invites: Identified patient
Local AMS producer whose first EP came out on Rotterdam’s Common Thread last year. Taking inspiration from the twisted dark funk of Dutch West Coast electro the Patient is in the house to spin us some of his influences, favourite tracks and most beloved acid bangers.

->->->Invites: Spacegirl Unlimited
Berlin via Alpha Centauri, came to rest her spaceship for a while on the fair city of Amsterdamned. Luckily for us Earth beings she brought several crates of black crack: 70s disco, 80s post-punk, acid house, sonic oddities.

Franco Najera & Eskaym playing everything from 90s boombap hiphop to bunker techno. No rules. Just grooves. Sonic stories from here to there.


Sub:terrein Soundsystem invites: Identified Patient & Spacegirl Unlimited