Sub:terrein: grit, soul and integrity. Deviant music to make you sweat. For the ravers.

We’ve been running Sub:terrein parties since 2013. We threw our first parties Amsterdam squats: Magenta, Schijnheilig & De Valreep. We then ran parties in Basis Amsterdam, had a couple of events in Doka and moved to our current home the OT301 in June 2014. We only work in venues we like and with people we respect.


We don’t believe in genre types and we programme different styles of electronic music and their influences on the one night. Mono-cultures are boring. Melt the genre silos. We choose DJs that dare to genuinely challenge boundaries and artists that put their creativity first.

Artists who have graced our decks include: Balou/Vera Zenith, Gerry Read, Arif Malawi, Chris Mitchell, Groove College: J-Baggs & Dann Doyle; Beneath, Mattikk, Koehler, Drvg Cvltvre, Avalon Emerson, Hodge, Identified Patient, 543FF, Umeme Afrorave, JASSS, Post Ave. Volition Immanent, Alice.

Sub:terrein Residents are Eskaym & Franco Najera.

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